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Low priced office space available to rent on Oldham Road Manchester

Low priced Retail Units & offices, to Let on Oldham Road Manchester


Rates start from £5 PSF

Address: 160, Oldham Road, Manchester, M35 ORA

For information on pricing & availability please call 0161 834 5999

or email

We have low priced retail units & office space to let in Manchester at the IVY 2 building off Oldham Road in Manchester.

Suitable for a mixed range of uses. From call centres , gym space, retail units, warehouse units and more.

• Up to 24,000 sq ft of quality open plans retail units and enclosed offices.
• 0.23 ha (0.57 acres) with car parking for up to 100 cars.

Ground floor retail units & 1st,2nd & 3rd floor Offices with availability from 4000 Sq Ft up to 24,000 Sq Ft.


Serviced offices manchester

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Retail units & show room space manchester

Office space Manchester

Retail units & show room space manchester

Office space Manchester.

Retail units & show room space manchester

Office space Manchester


Directions to Ivy 2 Showroom & Retail manchester.

Directions to Ivy 2 business centre

We also offer serviced offices at our other business centre located on Crown Street @ Ivy business centre M35 9BG.

Serviced Office Sizes & Pricing

Small Size: (3-4 People)

Alternatively non serviced office space @ 300 Sq ft would cost £50 p/w (Includes: insurance & service charge) £8.6 PSF

Non serviced office space @ 300 Sq ft would cost £43 p/w £7.5 PSF

Typical Example: 300 Sqft serviced office would cost £75 p/w (All inclusive, Includes: gas/electric/water/insurance/service charge) £13 PSF

Medium Size: (4-8 people)

Alternatively non serviced office space @ 500-600 Sq ft would cost £82 p/w (Includes: insurance & service charge) £8.6 PSF

Non serviced office space @ 500 Sq ft would cost £72 p/w £7.5 PSF

Typical Example: 500-600 Sq ft serviced office would cost £125 p/w (All inclusive, Includes: gas/electric/water/insurance/service charge) £13 PSF

Large Size: (Up to 15 people)

Alternative non serviced office space @ 1000 Sq ft would cost £165 p/w (Includes: insurance & service charge) £8.6 PSF

Non serviced office space @ 1000 Sq ft would cost £144 p/w £7.5 PSF

Typical Example: 1000 sq ft serviced office would cost £250 p/w (All inclusive, Includes: gas/electric/water/insurance/service charge) £13 PSF




Growing trends in the serviced office sector

Ivy business Centre Manchester offers low cost serviced offices space with rates starting from as little as £43 per week.

Flexible workspace in its various disguises from serviced to virtual space to hot-desking is appealing to businesses of different statures right across the globe. This surge in the demand for office space Manchester has opened up a new wave of workstation operators. Apart from this, it also leads to healthy competition as well as plenty of churns in the industry.

The rise in the number of the serviced spaces in Manchester is changing the way people used to work, reveals the new figures. There are more than 13,000 city centre workers who are based in different service office centre’s that promises to provide workstation, as well as, business facilities as part of  a mere monthly fee. The increasing number of the offices has made Manchester the second largest market of serviced office spaces in United Kingdom.

Although the conventional office sector is more likely associated with multinational corporate, and now it seems demand for flexible working environment is enticing more conventional operators.  Cheap office Manchester has launched a new and highly versatile office scheme that meets the direct demand of the current market trends by offering the style of workspace that is a blend of modernity and comfortness. They are featuring a range of office spaces suite ranging from 100-500sq. ft., equipped with all the classic trappings of a reputed serviced space provider including monthly rentals, short and long contract terms, shared facilities, office furniture, meeting rooms and so on and so forth.

Ivy business Centre Manchester offers low cost serviced offices space with rates starting from as little as £43 per week.

Manchester’s serviced office market is well-positioned for substantial growth and has been successful in catching the attention of start-up, as well as enterprise level businesses. They are becoming a primary solution for any business who is seeking to establish a solid presence in the market that too in a cost-effective manner. The countless benefits of such offices such as no capital investment and flexible lease terms are very well appreciated by the established as well as non-established organizations.

Researchers say that office space market of Manchester continues to outstrip other regional cities during the coming years.  Further there is currently a growing need for flexible office space for small businesses that can be easily taken without being tied into any long term contracts. The gen next office spaces offered bridges the gap perfectly between the needs and market requirements; we are already seeing a lot of interest in the same.

Small enterprises that are looking for some quality and flexible yet prestigious office space based in Manchester along with the added benefits of proximity to many high profile brands. With the expected demand for flexible working environment, the serviced offices Manchester is set to boom in the current international market within a span of next 5 years. We can surely expect to see more conventional suppliers & development companies following the current trend. Using their expertise and market knowledge, you can expect an increase in the number of companies hitting the ground.

Many service providers are even ready to offer customized office spaces with respect to the needs of the customer. Firms and entrepreneurs looking for immediate presence can benefit immensely from the fully furnished and well-equipped serviced offices offering a professional working environment.

Ivy business Centre Manchester offers low cost serviced offices space with rates starting from as little as £43 per week.






Finding Cost-Effective Business Centres in the Northwest Manchester

The tremendous development witnessed in the last decade in Manchester has made it the new favourite for businesses who want to make their mark in United Kingdom. Regardless of the size of your business or the size of premises you need for your office, renting turns out to be a fantastic alternative to mortgage or purchase for offices in Manchester.

Regardless of what you are looking at renting in the serviced office space sector, Ivy Business centre  offers interior furnishings and all the necessary amenities to allow for a quick start of your business within no time.  Northwest Manchester has undergone dramatic development in the sphere of establishment of, commercial business, centres and buildings.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular and renowned serviced as well as non-serviced offices in Manchester.

Technology House is a reputed office space facility in Salford, offering a flexible range of services to effectively cater to the needs of different firms in order to meet the ever changing business scenarios.  The house also offers several features like enhanced security system, blue chip voice and data system and more.

Ivy Business Centre is yet another important landmark in one of the prominent locations in Manchester off Oldham Road, known as a vibrant business district. The office building offers different shapes, styles and sizes of offices in Manchester. Further the location is well connected with the transport facilities, features good parking lot and features other facilities like retail, medical and leisure are located within the surroundings, providing an ideal working environment for the employees. The business centre also offers very competitive serviced office space starting from £43 per week.

Fountain Street is a modern and stylish 9 storey building located at the heart of the Northwest Manchester offering all the necessary amenities that ensure the safety and protection of the employees and at the same time provides just the right working atmosphere, resulting into seamless processing of different activities and enhanced productivity.

Manchester Business Park is a modern office space landmark in Northwest Manchester is a 4 storey building with glass front offering spacious spaces. The building is situated in one of the posh areas of the city and is the preferred choice of some of the most leading blue chip companies. The location is just 20min distance from the airport and offers excellent local as well as international connections.

Cinnamon House is a prestigious building, just outside Warrington boasting a professional base, pleasant surroundings and great communication and transport links. It is home to a wide range of businesses ranging from small to med-size to large enterprise level. The area inculcates a sense of identity as a commercial hub and enjoying sustainable and long-lasting relationships with the neighbouring economies.

Such and many more office space Manchester is available to make you a part of the one of the fastest financial economy of the world. Thus finding a cost-effective office premises that best matches your business brand image has become easy than ever before. It is a hub for professional services, life sciences, communication and manufacturing, creative and cultural media.

 Latest news on serviced office space in the northwest Manchester

Ivy business Centre Manchester offers low cost serviced offices space with rates starting from as little as £43 per week.

There is a steep increase in the need for serviced offices in Manchester as they offer the organizations a chance to search for the perfect location for their business that best meets their brand image and needs. The offices being in line with the current market trends, you no longer need to worry about furnishing and managing the space. Serviced offices often come fully furnished with all the basic amenities allowing for a quick start up of your business.

There is good news for the Uk’s business industry, with announcements of the development of new and more advanced office spaces. A recent report, showed positive figures in terms of availability of office space. Better conversion and workstations are seen in prime locations like Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. Corporate clients are opting for Manchester as there is a lot of high quality office space available that is easily accessible and cost-effective.

Corporate houses are feeling more confident outside London and as such are heading towards other areas and feeling more confident about the economy as well as their own respective businesses and trying to keep pace with the bucking trends.

Manchester is a place where organizations want to do business. The consistent growth and progress seen in this important section, in the niche property market over the past 12months is likely to continue in 2013. Further large firms are opting for flexible offices in North West Manchester, a trend that is very evident due to the global recession that was witnessed worldwide. Not only this, various small and start up companies are also looking for serviced spaces over traditional office premises, because of the flexibility and comfort that they offer.

A drastic change in the co-working trend is also seen and office providers are reacting to that in a positive manner. For example, there are now modern offices that are positioned in one of the prime locations, very well connected by local and international means of transport and other amenities. “The relaxed and informal open space, often more versatile than standard office space makes them a lucrative option over the conventional serviced offices in Manchester”, was reported in the news.

However, there are few business centres that are not making the best out of it and lagging behind the trend. Workspace providers can position their space in areas which are easily accessible by mobile workers as well as small businesses. The spaces are in real buzz and have caught the fancy of all, small and big enterprises alike.

Recent reports on serviced offices Manchester, showed that new and innovative global expansion plans are launched by a multitude of companies, including cheap office space Manchester.

In a nutshell, the performance of the business centre industry is directly proportional to the growth within the flexible space in Manchester. The impressive targets of the workspace providers and ongoing expansion plans show that the sun is shining bright and there is a positive future which is a characteristic of ‘business as usual’ methodology.

Ivy business Centre Manchester offers low cost serviced offices space with rates starting from as little as £43 per week.