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Factors to consider when looking for office space Manchester

Entrepreneurs often underestimate the power of having a good office space in one of the best areas of the city. They are often too focused on seeking out new ways of flourishing their business. As such they do not understand that it needs time and money to find a suitable location to run your office in Manchester.   If your current office is not doing any good to you, it is time for you to seek out for a better place and move on. Here is a list of things that one should take into consideration while searching for a good office space in Manchester.

Ample Amount of Open Space:

This is one of the prime factors that must not be overlooked while looking out for your new office. Keeping in mind the size of the staff and your near term future goal, in terms of growth. You would be definitely not willing to switch to another location in just a few months’ time because you have outgrown in number. While you want your office to be spacious, make sure wise utilization of the space is done or else it would have a dull impact on the minds of the visitors.


While thinking about a serviced office space Manchester, consider your clients, both current and prospective. The location of your office influences not only your employees but also the available labor pool for time-to-time ongoing needs. Your staff & your customers will feel great and safer visiting the office if it is located in a good & reputed area.

Local Amenities:

Are there any local restaurants in the vicinity where your employees can have their lunch or have some snacks? Is there any bank, pharmaceutical store, grocery store where employees can run their errands or can cash their paycheck? Can your office boy run out of office supplies if needed? One should not forget that employees are the ones behind the successful running of your business.



In search of cheap office space Manchester, make sure you do not compromise the security of your employees.  Is your neighborhood secure? Perform a detailed research about the area and its reputation before signing any agreements. Employees spend a quality amount of time in the office, so having a secure neighborhood should be on top priority. Having office in a reputed area of the city goes a long way in making a lasting impression on the mindsets of your clients.

Transportation Facility:

If you are relocating your office to a different area, you must consider the impact that it will have on the employees commuting. A long and stressful journey can put employees in a bad mood, before even reaching the office.


Once you have made the decision keeping in mind your future plans, the next thing to decide is whether you want an office space in Manchester for lease or want to buy it. If you want it for lease then look out for the terms and conditions of renewal. It is always better to clarify the lease contract with the owner in the beginning so that you are not burdened with hidden charges on a later date.

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