Things to consider when looking for office space Manchester

Manchester has gradually emerged as one of the favorite destination for entrepreneurs for setting up their business.  You need to be very meticulous while looking out for a commercial office space as there are so many myths associated with it. Here, I have listed out some of the most common misconceptions pertaining to serviced office space in Manchester.

Myth: Serviced office space is a costly affair.

Reality: At first thought, it might seem to be true. However, when different factors like business rates, service charges, furniture, insurance, utilities, facility management and such are taken into consideration it turns out to be all the more reasonable. In fact, it has been found that businesses can save from 30% to as much as 70% by using a serviced office space in Manchester opposed to the conventional leasing of offices.   Another thing that must not be overlooked is that the longer you are committed to a serviced office space the cheaper it turns out to be.

Myth: Moving in is a time consuming process.

Reality:  Normally, it takes up less time moving into a serviced office as it is backed-up with all the necessary amenities like internet connection, phone lines, furniture, filing cabinets and more that are essential to ensure smooth functioning of your business. All you need is, just ensure everything is alright and get along with it. Also, for many upcoming businesses, it is just a matter of bringing in laptop & kick start their work.

Myth: Paying off for things you never use.

Reality: Business Centre Operators lists up the cost of any additional service or utilities upfront only.  When you sign the office contract, the services and facilities which are offered to you are clearly mentioned along with their price tag, so that you don’t end up with unexpected hefty bills. Corporate office spaces in Manchester take pride of its no hidden charge policy. Thus, assure yourself that you would never be charged for items that have not been used by you.


Myth: Location is not important for a serviced office.

Reality: Location holds special importance for the successful running of any business. Hence, serviced offices are ideally found nearby reputed areas with good transportation and other basic facilities. They make for a great option for SMEs as well as business enterprises looking forward to expanding their horizon as rental is comparatively lower than leased offices.


Myth: Serviced offices are only applicable for SMEs and start-up companies.

Reality: This is nowhere near to reality. Serviced offices have been widely used by governments, banks, large corporates houses as a flexible means of expansion for duration long or short, at a pocket friendly price. However, some corporations find them so convenient that they never give a thought at moving out.

Serviced office spaces in Manchester can be much more than just a cost-effective and time savvy option; they often turn into a permanent office space solution for small as well as some of the largest corporate houses.

Say No to These Common Mistakes While Leasing an Office Space in Manchester

Finding the right premises for the office is as important as hitting the right business opportunity. While spending endless hours on devising strategies for expanding the business, finding time for the new office space in Manchester location is often on the bottom last of any to-do list. To cater to the different needs of the individuals furnished or semi-furnished, serviced or share office spaces are available.  Renting an office space is simple and straightforward, but there are certain factors that demand attention before signing the agreement. There are some common mistakes that must be avoided in all circumstances while securing the space.

Premises Don’t Match Your Business: One should never underestimate the power of good looks. How your office looks have a huge impact not only on your business but also, helps strengthen investor relations. So, it is crucial that you choose a location that matches with your business and reflects its true identity. A well-furnished and well-organized office creates a good first impression.

Plans for The Future: You may find a premise just perfect for your business as of now, but what about in the nearby future, say after 5 years?  If the decision is taken on the basis of current requirements, it might result that your office space might prove to be inappropriate quickly. To avoid this, it is best to opt for a serviced office space in Manchester or a managed office space. The flexibility of agreement offered by serviced office spaces is what added to its popularity within a short time span.

Inappropriate Office Layout: Having the right layout and atmosphere within the office environ allows for seamless integration of the various business activities and can dramatically boost the productivity. Wrong or random layouts can be a real disaster. Due to lack of proper knowledge businesses often overestimate how much space they actually need, often resulting into complete failure.

Not Paying Attention to The Lease Terms: Finalizing the office space does not mean that the responsibilities are over and you can begin your work. The job is yet half done as understanding the lease terms needs your attention. The terms and conditions pertaining to the rental agreements by service providers differ from country to country. A closer look at the details will give a proper insight about the agreement and discrepancies if any.

Not Budgeting for Hidden Cost: This is one of the common mistake entrepreneurs often fall prey. This aspect is often neglected by many business enterprises and over spending on office space Manchester can prove to be fatal. Apart for rental, they also have to pay for the service charge, heating, lighting, and business rates, insurance and more. As a result of this more and more businesses, these days prefer to have serviced office spaces because the various expenses are included within the monthly fee you pay for the office. Thus, you no more need to worry about any extra spending everything is taken care of by the service provider on behalf of you.





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